1) Increase communication to non-parent tax payers to develop a better-informed community.

2) Facilitate involvement and interactions with community partners to strengthen the community-school relationship.

Progress of Action Plan Strategies

community update-dec18

Momentum in Action

Community Stays in the Know

In response to the Community Engagement focus area, Midway ISD has developed a community newsletter primarily consisting of school business information. School board meeting presentations are honed to the most pertinent information for the general public in the newsletter. Each edition also includes upcoming performances and recent awards.

Click here to read the most recent community newsletter online.

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District-wide Special Education Support Program

Midway launches a parent support group (similar to a PTA or Booster Club) for Special Education programs

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Midway Educators Pilot Ambassador Program

A group of educators complete Midway's first Ambassador Program, created by Friends of Texas Public Schools.

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